Month: November 2015

Resident Evil

well, the evil has left the former „Heeresreitschule“ (army riding school), a military barracks in Prussia. A magnificent structure, works started in 1937 and the buildings were finished just in time for the upcoming World War. The Wehrmacht started a major program for building new barracks starting 1935, and it is

Chrysler 300

The 1967 Chrysler 300 had a 7.2 liter machine with 375 bhp. About 11.000 2 door hardtops were produced and the listprice started at 4.134 $. Factory options included power windows, auto pilot, 6-way-power seats and electric door locks.

data erased

that’s what it looks like in the archive of the administration building. So you could start from the scrap all new, all better… but right now, there is no new start for it – it is real stillstand for years…


at the River Main


i love the early frosty mornings…

granite limone

is truly staple food like water, bread and espresso, when you spent the summer in sicily – I couldn’t do without and that was one reason to go to my favourite gelateria to get the daily one…

game over

before it even started – built in Italy, the recordholder of unfinished buildings. Ans it is quite an impressive one with direcht view to the blue sea. As people told, they started to build just to realize, that the structure was unsafe and the planning was far from state of

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