Month: November 2015

under the sun

a pure classicist manor house built around 1800 – the history is much older and goes back to 1100 and again it was a former monastery… the last owner of the manor house died in a soviet prisoncamp, which was implented in the former infamous concentration camp Buchenwald. Before the

rise & shine

at least that’s what i did – rise at 3 am, take a ride for some hours, get a fresh coffee and a fresh croissant at the local bakery which opens at 6 am, slide down a hill and voilà… i really start shining…

analog mobile

it had to be a shot, as it was a rare scene… while 9 out of 10 in Shanghai metro use their mobile devices, this girl has a book and a pencil – and she doesnt’t seem to miss anything…


seemed this stairway in an old school building, cionsidering the sounds it made while using it – but it was…

ride the elevator

is what i wanted to do seeing that beatyful gracile and elegant thing, built somewhere around the 1920’s as mostly the rest of the building. An older part is from late 19th century – it is presented here under „open space office“. beautiful state of being, and it could go on

sunlit room

in an abandoned huge sanatory, left alone for almost 40 years… built before the first world war – unbelievable the state it is in but it sure is getting worse, as parts of ceilings have been collapsed. The future is highly uncertain, as the demolition permit has been given –

mean machine

1960 Chevrolet Impala… in 1960 the most sold car in the US and kept this position for the next ten years. The clean design of the 60’s begins to show… the big block motor makes up to 335 PS.  

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