Glazed Trabant

A modern compact car – at least at start of production in 1957 – with quite a history.  In 1931,  the auto brands Audi, Horch,Wanderer,DKW were united to one brand, the „Autounion“. It became the 2nd largest manufacturer in Germany afer the Adam Opel AG and gained fame with its famous and innovative racecars.

After the war, the Autounion was scattered, Audi and Horch were united to manage the planned massproduction. The plan was a car with 600kg, 5,5l gasoline per 100 km and as the mots remarkable fact, the body should be made out of plastics (Phenoplast). The sheet metal used for carbodies was not imported from the western countries because of the Cold War, and the russian metal could not be used.

To make a long story short: the car became a success in lack of the possibility to choose other brands, and soon technically outdated. About 3 million cars were produced.

Right now, about 31.000 are still left, and quite a handful ist glazed right here…

2016_schmoeger_glaced trabant


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