what did you learn…

is a question that comes to your mind, regarding the initial purpose of that building and thereafter. And the answer ist crystalclear – the wrong thing.

Created as an elite boarding school in the nationalsocialist Germany, it’s motto was „Glauben, Gehorchen, Kämpfen“ (Believe, Obeye, Fight). The students should be the future elite of the Reich. The „Napola“ was established in former State Academies (Stabila), which were a replacement for the prussian cadet schools, forbidden by the treaty of Versailles. But this Building was the only one, which was built new for a „Napola“.

To the end of the war, 43 of the „Nationalpolitische Lehranstalten“ existed for about 6.000 students, and many of them kids were sent to the slaughter in the „Endkampf“

After the war, it was used by the SED to educate the future elite of East Germany, and about 16.000 students were educated in these rooms and halls. So the  building didn’t change it’s purpose – the teachers changed.

So in the history of this building, that many students learned that wrong… and nowadays, where teachers could theach something right – there is no use for this building and it lays frozen.


2013_schmoeger_what did you learn2


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