as if it could help

Luftschutz Hausapotheke   –

the little wallmounted tinbox was found in an old slaughterhouse and is the big „Luftschutz Hausapotheke“ for industry and trade (29 RM) – whereas the „Kleine Luftschutz Hausapotheke“ was for private use (14 RM), which was introduced in late 1939. The use of metal for the little Hasuapotheke was forbidden, because steel was now in times of war needed for armour industry, and a massproduction of the Hausapotheke was planned.

The Luftschutz Hausapotheke was mainly for amateur helpers and self protection. So you could mix a tincture to wash out phosphorwounds or another one to gargle against a sore throat or help with burning eyes.

A cruel joke – nobody could see the upcoming terror of 1000-bomber-raids and firestorms, which burned hundreds of thousands to ashes…



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