fairytale castle

this sure looks like a fairytale castle, located in a small silesian village. I was quite stunned, seeing it for the first time… way up the tower I was sure, Rapunzel was waiting and I had to hold on to me not to call out:“ Rapunzel, Rapunzel ! Let down your hair…“ End of story, of course there were no Rapunzel, fairy, king’s son… only a greedy, filthy old caretaker…

The noblemen had bigger plans, the castle was planned to have one floor more, as you can see on the tower… The family belonged to the large landowners in Silesia, calling about 24.000 acres their own. As a young girl, the last noble Lady always wanted to help the outsiders of society, and during the Third Reich she took care for the catholic „Not-Arians“ and helped them in any ways she could… as later on she took care of the refugees, fleeing the Red Army…

In 1946 she had to leave fairytale castle within a few hours…together with the people of the village…fairy tale castle


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