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what did you learn…

is a question that comes to your mind, regarding the initial purpose of that building and thereafter. And the answer ist crystalclear – the wrong thing. Created as an elite boarding school in the nationalsocialist Germany, it’s motto was „Glauben, Gehorchen, Kämpfen“ (Believe, Obeye, Fight). The students should be the

after the waltz

no happy ending for the spa resort, which is situated on a hill, overlooking a famous town and its castle. Starting in around 1850, the complex was rebuilt several times and grew bigger and bigger – the building finally got a unique shape. In the late 1920’s,  the fantastic ballroom

Glazed Trabant

A modern compact car – at least at start of production in 1957 – with quite a history.  In 1931,  the auto brands Audi, Horch,Wanderer,DKW were united to one brand, the „Autounion“. It became the 2nd largest manufacturer in Germany afer the Adam Opel AG and gained fame with its


the supervillage was planned and build as an ideal village for farmers, who settled down just there… i dont know from where this people came nor if they were moving there by free will or were forced to… The location was magnificent, nearly at the top of a hill with

cold steel

inside an abandoned steelworks – and where once was a sparkling and roaring hellfirelike atmosphere, glowing and fluid steel, there is dark and black silence now… thick black dust covers and softens everything… and there is no future for that place, unlike other works in the Ruhrgebiet. The population in that area


the big factory does crumble to pieces in large parts and therefore will be demolished soon – but like a capsule inmidst the rotten buildings, the archive has survived up till now, still looking neatly and sorted. It is a small room in this compound of rotten buildings and not

black roof

the black roof tells a story of steam- and dieselengines parked in the maintanance hall of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, the smell of coal, steam and dieselfumes thickens the air – puddles of greasy black oil on the floor, humming engines, workers with gloves, joking around… not hard to imagine in

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