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don’t you stare…

…at me like that! I didnt dump you in that dark and deep forest for a shiny new car… but let me tell you – your owner surely has left this world by now, and you are still around – not shiny and new, thats for sure… but you got company,

Glazed Trabant

A modern compact car – at least at start of production in 1957 – with quite a history.  In 1931,  the auto brands Audi, Horch,Wanderer,DKW were united to one brand, the „Autounion“. It became the 2nd largest manufacturer in Germany afer the Adam Opel AG and gained fame with its

Chrysler 300

The 1967 Chrysler 300 had a 7.2 liter machine with 375 bhp. About 11.000 2 door hardtops were produced and the listprice started at 4.134 $. Factory options included power windows, auto pilot, 6-way-power seats and electric door locks.

mean machine

1960 Chevrolet Impala… in 1960 the most sold car in the US and kept this position for the next ten years. The clean design of the 60’s begins to show… the big block motor makes up to 335 PS.  

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