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maritime views

seen on a trip to Stromboli

granite limone

is truly staple food like water, bread and espresso, when you spent the summer in sicily – I couldn’t do without and that was one reason to go to my favourite gelateria to get the daily one…

analog mobile

it had to be a shot, as it was a rare scene… while 9 out of 10 in Shanghai metro use their mobile devices, this girl has a book and a pencil – and she doesnt’t seem to miss anything…

in one hour

we simulate war… thats what one Guy yelled at us, while we were exploring the abandoned village – and then the Band of Brothers was there, putting on the gear, loading their guns… and my 9 year old  freaked out, when he could take some shots with a mp –

wet selfie

at a very cool place in Sicily…

close encounters

in Sicily… stunned for a second, when the madonna came around the edge in that usually dark and quiet villageroad during a celebration. And the Sicilians know how to celebrate a fiesta… only time i saw an excellent fireworks during blazing daylight. Of course there was an ever bigger one

Life is so great…

respect it !

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