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don’t you stare…

…at me like that! I didnt dump you in that dark and deep forest for a shiny new car… but let me tell you – your owner surely has left this world by now, and you are still around – not shiny and new, thats for sure… but you got company,


it seems, there will be a hostile takeover in the near future… nature is gathering outside, surrounding the abandoned powerstation of an old paperfactory. Not long, and nature will leap into the building and take back what belonged to it since ages…


is not enough to describe this fascinating design and architecture, found in an abaondoned silesian castle. The castle survived the second world war pretty good and was used as a school for agriculture. The collapse of the communist party in Poland almost destroyed it. Since the late 2000, the castle –


that is quite a ballroom… has pleasured the noblemen of some centuries, survived some horrible wars… nothing could bring it down – the today is trying hard and might do it at last… same old story: after collapse of socialism, the castle was sold for an apple, the new owner

fairytale castle

this sure looks like a fairytale castle, located in a small silesian village. I was quite stunned, seeing it for the first time… way up the tower I was sure, Rapunzel was waiting and I had to hold on to me not to call out:“ Rapunzel, Rapunzel ! Let down

my secret room…

is the place where I go when everything sucks… the work is stupid, the boss is in a bad mood and my coworkers are mean bastards… I hate that clean boring white modern chinaware, but i sure have to earn my living, and it is the only factory around… so

as if it could help

Luftschutz Hausapotheke   – the little wallmounted tinbox was found in an old slaughterhouse and is the big „Luftschutz Hausapotheke“ for industry and trade (29 RM) – whereas the „Kleine Luftschutz Hausapotheke“ was for private use (14 RM), which was introduced in late 1939. The use of metal for the

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