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don’t you stare…

…at me like that! I didnt dump you in that dark and deep forest for a shiny new car… but let me tell you – your owner surely has left this world by now, and you are still around – not shiny and new, thats for sure… but you got company,

Glazed Trabant

A modern compact car – at least at start of production in 1957 – with quite a history.  In 1931,  the auto brands Audi, Horch,Wanderer,DKW were united to one brand, the „Autounion“. It became the 2nd largest manufacturer in Germany afer the Adam Opel AG and gained fame with its

chrome stays

while the car decays

drive your volvo…

like you hate it… the phrase of an official volvo commercial of the 60’s… but it seems this guy added something: drive your Volvo like you hate it… and then dump it…

unlimited parking

dead man’s curve

it’s no place to play, Dead man’s curve you best keep away

panorama view

into the northern woods

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